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Brighten your home with color.

Updated: Apr 8

"Choose what style suits your occasion."

Welcome to the world of light and color. Lamps are created from copper foil or lead, incorporating beveled glass, clear bevels or dichroic diamond bevels, glass globs, crystal gems and colored glass. Solder can be left as silver or stained with a chemical to make it black or copper.

"Allow the Color to enhance the mood?"

“Do you have a design in mind for your bedroom, lounge, child's room, kitchen or lounge?"

The lamps can provide color to match your rooms, or design that will grow with the ages, keeping it simple but stunningly effective. The shapes and color throw off light that enhances your mood.

Create for a gift!

Design something your gift will never be the same as any other gifts.

Stun Yourself

“Be original, show off your style.”

Choose from copper foil lamps to leadlight lamps.

Get Inspired

To keep up with all latest designs, or work with the ages of history such as antiques, Myee provides guidance to images and sights for the opportunity to create from the era or modern work to suit your style.

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