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Uniquely Designed Light Catchers.

Updated: Feb 8

Beautiful copper foil ideas for stained glass creations.

Welcome to Myee's blog. Copper Foil in Leadlight is used for lamps, gifts, mirrors, light catchers and many more ideas.

Myee's Goal is to provide Art Creations designed specific for the customer. With versatility, elements such as the crystals are incorporated for healing properties or space clearing energies for home, family, children, workplace and animals. Her trade has allowed her the skills to design anything from sculptures to cabinet windows, mirrors, lamps and repairs.

What design is for you?

“Do you ever feel the energy shift by your environment or others who may leave you feeling drained or exhausted? The creations that are provided assist in transforming these energies. Utilizing the healing crystal gemstones, along with earth elements such as driftwood, creations can be designed specifically for your needs.

Create your own..

Work closely with the artist via consults to allow yourself to be immersed in imagination and creation.

Healing and Art.

Myee works closely with the customer to design, draw and sketch to create the closest image the customer requests that is suitable with glass. Color is very important in glass work and is a therapy.

With her background in health and healing the art pieces are made for this purpose.

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