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Leadlight Window Designs, Cabinet Doors & Mirrors.

Updated: Apr 9

Design with Lead.

Qualifying as a Glazier, Myee seeked more adventure and travelled Australia and the world admiring art. Great rock art from the indigenous Australia, Stained glass Churches in the UK and Europe to monumental pieces in Egypt carved in tombs and pyramids.

Create your masterpiece.

Allow the artist to help you create your leadlight masterpiece. Myee focuses on smaller designs and for larger work seeks a licensed glazier. Myee specializes in cabinet doors, mirrors, lamps and special customer requests. #artist #glazier #tradeswomen #healer

Designs and Patterns.

“Get inspired and choose from many designs such as....”

Here are a wide range of modern and traditional styles of leadlight windows:

  • Mosaic Tiles

  • Coloured Panes

  • Geometric & Empire Motifs

  • Patriotic Motifs

  • Art Nouveau

  • Art Deco

  • Mix of Art Nouveau & Art Deco

  • Nature Iconography

Other designs are:

  • Floral

  • Australiana - Native Floral and Fauna

  • Geometric

  • Traditional

  • Modern

  • Abstract

  • Contemporary

  • New Age

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Fairy Fae

  • Angelic Realm

  • The Elementals

  • and many more.

Get Inspired

Consider the period of your home or era, as this will influence the stylistic design of the leadlight you prefer.

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