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Updated: Apr 9

Combining Glass & Driftwood.

Capturing the art through photography always leads to an exciting end result.

As an artist, Myee has been guided to make sculptures depicting our small creatures and bringing them to life.

There is no limit as to what you can create.

Create with the elements.

Connection to nature and spirituality has given the artist insights to see the potential in natural elements such as driftwood.

The spiritual meaning of driftwood states:

  • Driftwood is a symbol of human spirituality, as it represents a transition from one place to another. It is representative of the journey that we all go through in life, and the challenges that we face along the way. Driftwood can also represent the stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

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Updated: Apr 9

Antique Designs, Cabinet Doors, Mirrors, Lamps & Gifts.

Restoring leadlights and foil artwork comes with practice, knowledge and skill. The artist specializes in repairing the actual leadlights and foil item, a glaziers will be consulted for larger pieces.

“The artist passion is to deliver the best of her ability for client's satisfaction. This can range from Re-making the whole window or replacing pieces within the window itself.”

Customer Satisfaction.

Client satisfaction is what the artist always strives for. This was a mirror that had been stored away for many years and finally hung once again. (#artlife #repairs #leadlights #foil #lead #clientsatisfaction).

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Updated: Apr 9

"Delve into the wonder of magic with gifts that inspire and heal"

This lace covered recycled glass with hand beaded beads and Selenite Crystal is to burn at night to bring in the angelic realm, your guardian angel or guides, whilst doing night rituals, meditation or yoga routines.

“Kaleidescope's are a wonderful way to look at color and shapes as you look down the eye of the mirrors to see the psychedelic images as you spin the wheels".

Kaleidescope kits are bought from wholesalers, designs and styles can be guided by the artist.

"If you haven't seen what you're after, create what it is you do desire".

Versatility is her specialty, if there is something in a shop, book or gallery that the customer would like, Myee is open to work in and create a design to match the request.

Take the leap and spoil yourself, order something truly unique and of value you can keep for the rest of your life.

Parcels can be posted. (#unique #dream #inspiration #create #imagination #cherishedgift)

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